Sunday, June 22

Midsommar in Hyde Park

It's that wonderful time of year again where the Swedes put on their summer dresses, make crowns out of leaves and flowers, and drink for 12 hours straight. Yes it's a great time to be of Scandinavian heritage! As we were stuck in London for this great holiday, my fellow London-based Swedes and I turned to an event organised by London Svenskar (London Swedes) along with 3 000+ others for a day out in Hyde Park with music, traditional Swedish food and, of course, drinks.

Wednesday, June 18

LDNY Preparations

As we meet the artisans for the new upcoming event (refer to previous post), the 10 winners learn more about what each country specialises in, what companies we will be collaborating with, including YKK for all hardware finishings on each garment and Swarovski for beading details, and how to go about creating a marketable product. While these garments are designed for a luxury-level brand, they must still be within reasonable costing as the board of buyers from Selfridges will be looking into the most promising designs for sales in their London department store!

Beautiful embroidery work from India

Learning about print techniques

Interacting with our chosen artisans

Monday, June 16

LDNY Festival Success

As a reward for a term hard-worked, I have earned myself a spot out of 10 people for this year's LDNY Festival (click on the link to learn more about the upcoming event). As the pioneers of this newly introduced annual event, I will be displaying one of my pieces on the international runway show between London and New York along with 9 other winners from my course at the London College of Fashion.

In order to prepare for this exciting upcoming event, we will spend the month of June working with artisans from the Middle East including Ethiopia, Papa New Guinea and India. These artisans will help bring to life the details of our designs for the runway this September.