Tuesday, July 9

Anna Kristine Ponchos

Looking for an easy, comfortable way to keep yourself warm through all seasons of the year? Take a look at these beautiful pure cashmere ponchos in a large variety of colours to match every outfit in your wardrobe!
Check out the Anna Kristine website !

Check out all the beautiful shades available! Like this warm and soft Carmel Poncho. Perfect for those cool summer nights!

Tuesday, June 25

Happy Midsummer!

I spent my midsummer weekend in Vardala, Sweden with good friends and good food. Being out in the countryside is really the only way to spend such a Swedish holiday.

Traditional Swedish Midsummer cake with some slightly over-whipped cream...

It didn't quite turn out perfect.

View of the beautiful lake


Saturday, May 25

Four Days in Spain

Spent a wonderful four days in Spain with my dad last weekend at our home. With final hand-in fast approaching before the summer holiday starts, I really needed some time to relax. The days largely consisted of sunbathing, schoolwork whilst sunbathing and eating whilst sunbathing. Not a bad way to spend a weekend in May with sun and 25°C every day!

Homemade lunch with my dad

The sunset over our view

Down by the port

The view from the fish restaurant

Sunday brunch

Monday, May 6


A friend of mine has recently opened a fabulous Stockholm-based accessories company with truly one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces! Go check them out at KMLR or show your support and like/follow them on Facebook or Tumblr!

FroYo Necklace  899SEK

Gold Bug Necklace  799SEK

Queen B  649SEK

For more products, check out their website and get them while they last!

Saturday, May 4

Oh, Spring

Oh how the fashion world does slay me with their never-ending treats for the eyes. Zara's got themselves a spring delight as always. To see more fantastic styles to drool over, check out their Facebook page or toss out that hard-earned pay check on some fabulous new style!

Overalls ♥

Blacks and pastels

Denim overalls are back!

Wonderful skort (shorts in back, skirt in front!)

Love plaid

(Images of Zara, I do not take credit for them☺)

Friday, May 3


In case there weren't enough reasons to impatiently await summer's arrival. Just got my new Bandana Print Knot Cut Out Bandeau Suit from ASOS !

Sunday, April 28

Vogue Festival 2013

Amazing weekend at Vogue Festival 2013 in London! With lots of activities and high-class fashionistas running this way and that, there was a lot to see between the much-anticipated talks by all the major names in fashion. After having purchased tickets over a month ago, I was not disappointed by the fascinating interviews. I personally got to sit through Paul Smith, Michael Kors and Donatella Versace. Not a bad way for a fashion student to spend her days off!

Day 1 

Gorgeous London


3 genuinely fantastic and fascinating people

Good weekend :)

A Day at the Park

With finals beginning before the new term does (yes you heard right) it's nice to take a day to relax when London offers some warmth and sunshine for a change.

All great park days begin at a pastry shop

Lovely London neighbourhoods by the park

Holland Park Japanese-inspired gardens


Girls day

Eating treats <3 

Aaah, the great outdoors.

Sunday, April 21

Home Away from Home

Definitely a new place I can get used to. Relaxing at our new home in Palma de Mallorca. The perfect get-away from the rain and stress that London loves to cause.

Dinner during a gallery showing

The view

The relaxation

The view 2

When the Weather's Right and the Sun is Bright

Nothing beats London when the sun is shining. A beautiful visit to Green Park, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Marble Arch with my dad. Perfect.

Wednesday, January 16

Iris Van Herpen Couture AW 2012/2013

Full of shapes and textures inspirational for just about any field of creativity!

For the full collection, visit Vogue Paris.

The Days Keep Rollin'

Much has happened since my last few blog posts! 3 months of pattern-cutting classes, illustration classes, essay-prep lectures on object analysis, plagiarism, product creativity and more... I handed in a 3 paged essay based on an antique ring, a 20+ paged illustration book of art based on that object and a 95-paged technical file on every dart manipulation, sleeve type and body shape we learned. Needless to say I was thrilled when the holiday finally began!

Workin' on a raglan sleeve pattern in calico (sample fabric)

Christmas break was spent wasting away in front of a beautiful fireplace at home in Chicago with riding my lovely mare 3 times a week. I did some snowboarding when I could but sadly the snow was poor and my holiday was all too short!

Cozy fireplace at home

My beautiful baby girl!

And so will begin my term 2.....Happy 2013!

Tuesday, January 1

Holiday Baking

Nothing relaxes the mind and calms the soul like some wonderful homemade baking for the holidays!

Traditional Swedish (sweet) saffron rolls

Vanilla cream pastry puffs (first attempt ever at a pastry - fairly successful I think!)

And, of course, gingerbread cookies with some half-assed holiday decorations