Sunday, September 30

London, Baby!

Going on my first week in London. I'm officially moved in (minus a pleasantly large shipping from IKEA due to arrive tomorrow) to my new living halls and starting my classes. With an unfortunate amount of materials to be bought, it looks like I'll be eating pasta for the next year at least. Naturally it's raining quite a bit but when the sun comes out it's quite nice! Having spent 6 weeks for an internship here last year, I was well acquainted with the transport system and shops, fortunately.
I can feel the pressure building to the amount of work that's about to be relentlessly dumped on me for the foreseeable future. Oh boy...

The view from the two windows in my dorm kitchen

Attending a fabulous dinner with a wonderful friend at possibly one of the greatest restaurants ever, La Perla! If you're ever in London and you love tequila and amazing Mexican food in a festive social environment, I strongly recommend you visit here! Dinner was followed by a casual night at a secret speakeasy bar hidden away between some restaurants with an unmarked door. They offered tasty (albeit pricey) drinks and a live jazz singer. Great for a casual cosy Sunday night :)

Mmmm, beef enchiladas (I don't remember what he had..)

Lovely mixed drinks in a dimly lit, comfy bar