Saturday, July 14

Horses Horses

Finally found a fabulous stables to ride at during my stay here in the US of A! This barn is filled with many amazing horses and I've had the privilege of riding a few already. For any of you experienced riders in love with Saddlebred horses and located in the southern parts of Wisconsin, I highly recommend John Willis Stables!

Myself riding Secret Fascination - 3 years old and already a rock star!

Wednesday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!

Today is the 4th of July and a day to celebrate with lots of alcohol and dangerous amounts of fireworks! A perfect mix :). To celebrate this blistering hot day, I went a little patriotic.

My hand-painted nails for the holiday :) 
(a little sloppy I know but it's not easy freehand!)

My new America leggings!