Friday, March 9

Going Home!

This is my last weekend in Macau! I have started the (hopeless) packing process. I am absolutely overwhelmed. It seems I may have to send on bag via DHL back to Chicago due to it being overweight...and not everything is packed yet. Oops! So the most important things will go in one suitcase and the other one will simply have to arrive in a week (oh the heartache!).
The weather here has been depressing and sunless. I have been unable to see across the water in close to 2 weeks with the heavy fog and humidity. I'm hoping for lots of snow and sunshine in Chicago! For now I must rest. Packing an excessive amount of clothing and accessories (amongst which I realized I have accumulated about 10 pairs of shoes here...) can be very exhausting! But I will be home on monday I can relax and be happy :)

Thursday, March 8

Elie Saab

Some of my favourite peices from one of my favourite dress designers, Elie Saab.

Fall 2012

Wednesday, March 7


A pair of must-have shoes that seem to no longer exist in my size :( fingers crossed they restock!

Fashion Trends 2012

I have recently been indulging myself in the latest and greatest in fashion. Here are a couple of my basic favourites from the runway:

Pucci Spring 2012

Givenchy Spring 2012

Theysken's Theory Spring 2012