Friday, December 30

Christmas Aftermath!

I'm finally back home for the holidays! My whole family enjoyed some very lovely holidays despite there being no snow! It's raining now but of course it's 2° above zero so it won't turn to snow. Such a tragedy. In the meantime I can enjoy my brand new white iPhone 4S! Greatest phone ever (so far). I also got some bits of jewelry and a pillow with speakers that plays music while I sleep!
I also got a beautiful framed poster artwork from my very favourite boy that is awaiting its hanging on my wall! I'm finally slowly recovering from a wicked 14 hour jetlag and have gone out for a couple of drinks with friends I've missed dearly.
Still working on new years plans...we'll see what happens!

Cozy evening at my Aunt's

Framed artwork present :) I love pin up girls!

Monday, December 12


Not much has been happening in my life recently. Some shopping, lots of work, relaxing, and getting super excited for the Christmas holidays. 10 days left! Fingers crossed there's tons of snow when I get home, because there's a sweet new snowboard waiting for me!
I thought I'd post a collection of photos from Mainland China and Macau I have sitting on my phone that I keep forgetting to post!

Galaxy Hotel and their horribly tacky mini-show in the lobby

Evening in the Chinese countryside. Very beautiful.

Angel shoes, anyone?

Original street from the Ming Dynasty below the walking street in Mainland

The oldest church in Macau, left with nothing but its face.