Tuesday, June 28

Vote for Me! :)

I went for simple and summery :)

Tuesday, June 21


Work is moving swiftly onwards! I am now assigned designing prints for girl's shirts and some logos for men's jackets. Very exciting :) even more exciting, I get to go home to Stockholm in 2 days! Midsommar!

Still contemplating keeping them or not... they seem to have a bit of a loose fit on the top that I'm unsure. OH the troubles of life!

Saturday, June 18

First Fashion Update!

So I am three days in to my new job as assistant designer. It's quite enjoyable spending 8 hours a day drawing. I'm a bit nervous to the responsibilities that will most likely be thrown at me as I continue my stay here. I am already assigned designing new men's line for Luleå Hockey. Needless to say I'd rather be drawing dresses and pretty tops (men's sportswear isn't a big passion of mine) but it's a good start so I shouldn't complain :).
Hopefully things progress smoothly...!

Tuesday, June 14

Now it begins...

My first day of work is tomorrow. However there have been some obstacles making me feel even more uncomfortable about starting. We drove 5 hours from Stockholm to Borås only to find out my flat isnt ready (no furniture), and that I will have to stay in some cheaper hotel for the next 1-6 nights. Lovely...
Hopefully my first workday will start off a little smoother :/. I'm also hoping I won't be stuck here 6 nights. It doesn't help to think I could've spent the rest of this week and weekend at home with my family and friends and simply start on monday instead.
Well...wish me luck. I'm off to an early night. I haven't woken up before 9.30 in ages hah.

Sunday, June 12

A little crazy...

It's what we all like to get sometimes. Spent my last weekend with friends before i disappear into Borås for the next two months (hopefully with a few trips back up to Stockholm for midsommar and such). I'm quite nervous about my job but hopefully it turns out to be enjoyable... aside from the fact I'll be stuck behind a computer all sunny days long.

I love my friends :) ... there's not quite a group like us. Who said house parties and running around in shopping trollies were boring?

Wednesday, June 8

Bakar Muffins! Muffins!

Mjam, mjam. Chocolate muffins. What better to do on a sunny afternoon? (other than lying out in the sun, of course).

Saturday, June 4

Free time

Free time spent in Photoshop CS4 (click for larger image)

Wednesday, June 1

Success! :)

It seems I have been given the opportunity to work as an assistant fashion designer for a clothing company down in Göteborg (Borås, actually). OMG. Is it okay I say that? :)