Tuesday, May 31


Best, cheapest nail polish I've ever used. One layer is all you need. Bought it in Mallorca for €2 a bottle. Love! ♡

Sunday, May 29


Big interview in Göteborg on wednesday for a summer job at a clothing company :). More details will come if I am hired...oh boy. Just completed my Adobe Illustrator portfolio with about 8-9 design pieces. Very nervous.
My mum and I fly out on tuesday. Big deal! Wish me luck :)

Saturday, May 28


Went to a midnight showing of The Hangover 2 last night. So funny, granted half the cinema was drunk, making it hard to hear what they were saying over the uncontrollable roars of laughter.
Then baked made-from-scratch kanelbullar for some friends :), making today a delightful saturday.

Monday, May 23


Volcanic ash reports are obstructing airways around ireland right now. Apparently the winds are supposed to carry it closer to London. My flight is on thursday (until further notice). Will we make it? Who knows...


Learning Adobe Illustrator... look! I drew a hat :)

Thursday, May 19

Sunny Day!

It's a beautiful day in London today. Sadly I must spend it traveling to south London to a friend's where I shall spend the night before my dad flies in tomorrow! Now we must deal with a bat-shit crazy woman who seems to have lost her way in her own mind. We're renting a flat from her for a week, hopefully my mum will join us later :). Then a week of university visitings and business meetings! Hooray.

Wednesday, May 18

Oj oj

So as I am spending my final night at one flat, I have to move to another, and then another. My parents are coming to London hopefully on friday and I have to help them find a place we can stay for a week. They have meetings and I have uni visits to make! Only problem is finding a nice, decent priced place in the next two days... so if anybody knows of somewhere conveniently located that isn't charging more than £90 a night for 6 nights, that'd be fantastic :).
So that is what my day shall bring. I must also pop into central for a bit too. Oh boy. Lots to do! And it looks like it means to rain. How sad.

Sunday, May 15


Back in London once more :). Only just got internet so I can finally update the world on my perfectly ordinary life hehe.
Saturday was my entrance exam, went well, wasn't difficult by any standards...unless you couldn't speak english. Had dinner back at my favourite restaurant only to find my friendly bartender gone on vacation! Such a shame.
Spent today at the London Zoo which was great fun aside from the heavy disappointment there were no bears of any kind, no sharks, dolphins, leopards or any of the sort. Aside from that, lovely! Went to the Camden market (which means soon I will return and burn my wallet a new hole and go broke ;P ).
And so as the week begins, so does my journey to visiting the universities offering me a position. How exciting.

Monday, May 9

'Tis The Season...

For my favourite little earthmen (jordgubbar hihi)! Nothing sweeter than a Swedish strawberry. Sweeter than a Swedish Strawberry. How cute...

Saturday, May 7


So finally the weather has turned in a better direction! With promises of warming up to 20° by next week. How nice. Unfortunately by the time it hits 20°, I'll be back off to London for entrance exams and school visitations. I got accepted to ALL my applied-to schools! Great success :). Hopefully visiting the schools will decide where I go. So many options.

Thursday, May 5

Tuesday, May 3

Cliché Beauty

Lomo-styled photo of a rose I took in Palma.
(Click for larger version)


Back in Stockholm. So. Cold. What is going on? I woke up to light snowfall. Now, I know it's Sweden and the weather here is a nightmare. But snow in May? How awful. Well I guess that drops the possibility to sunbathe a bit this week (as it only gets up to an impressive 15°). How tragic after 23° weather in Palma. Take me back? :)
I'll post pictures soon of my lovely vacation!


Such a cute kavaj... maybe I'll buy it? :)


Sunday, May 1

Last Night...

Final night in Palma. Sad day. Got a little burned this week but I guess that's better than the pasty white I've been for a good year. Spent the day at a friend's house (unbelievably beautiful and unnecessarily big) and it was great. Lovely BBQ with the two families. Now I have packed, and must ready myself for what can only be described as dreadful 10° weather in Stockholm. Needless to say I don't want to leave. Well, 6.00 wake-up tomorrow so I best get some rest.