Monday, March 28

Parties and Riots!

SO I got accepted to the university of my choice! Hooray! I was so happy. Therefore spent my Saturday night with some guy friends from high school that I haven't seen in years partying at a fancy rooftop club in London.
But before that were the thrilling Riots on Regent! I went shopping on Oxford and Regent (love..) and experienced the thrill of crazy rioters throwing fits over budget cuts.

1) Streets filled with rioters
2) Police protecting Topshop attacked with paintballs (surprisingly no windows were broken...on that building anyway)

Sunday was spent with my beautiful best friend at our favourite bar/restaurant with our favourite bartender, who gave us a fabulous drink called the Horny Berry Margarita. And as a thanks for the Kalles Kaviar I brought the bartender from Sthlm, I got a free cup of the alcoholic berries. Oh my..

Wednesday, March 23


So today I had my much awaited interview in lovely 17°C weather!! Oh boy. We'll see how it goes. It was a group interview so there were about 7 of us and 2 teachers and they had us talk about ourselves and why we wanted to study there. I think it went okay but I'm not 100.
Happily, it's the turning point of the week! Two more days until weeekend. Hopefully some exciting plans to come! It seems my return to Sweden will be sooner than planned. Possibly around the 8th or so, which isn't all bad. I'll be back here in the fall :)

Sunday, March 20

Wonderful Weekend

So it seems London wanted me to have a great weekend after my first week of work. Saturday was spent with a bit of shopping, cookie-baking, and watching 10 not-so-attractive polish men hand wash my friend's Mercedes while we loudly listened to Satisfaction by Benassi. I think they liked it a little bit haha. Awesome :)
In the eve we went to a friend's flat for a party where I lost my keg-stand virginity on the rooftop of a flat overlooking the London Eye. How classy am I?
And finally today we spent two hours looking for a waffle iron around half of London in order to sate our craving for waffles, ending in quite a success!

Pant and shirt both from H&M (sorry for blurry appearance)

Saturday, March 19

Take the Day!

A post dedicated to a lovely band just gettin' on its feet. Be a sweetheart and support them! They've uploaded a song on Facebook for curious listeners.. and while you're at it, click a Like :)

Friday, March 18


So excited. I don't believe I've ever appreciated a 5.30 on friday this much before. I'm so glad it's the weekend. Toughed through my first week at the internship. I'd post some photos however my camera has yet to arrive here with me.
Next wednesday I have an official interview with one of my top two universities! Oh my. I'll need some good-luck-wishing on that.
On my list of cravings:

Cupcakes in a jar! Don't they look delicious?

Tuesday, March 15

Landed in London!

So I've been here for four days. Shame on me for not writing sooner. It's been rather hectic. However, I am finally settled in after a party weekend with some good ol' Scandinavian friends. I started my internship on monday. It is going quite well, I think. A bit tedious at times and 9-6 just isn't wonderful hours. I have been going to bed quite early due to my fatigue (I've been so lazy for the last 2 months that actually having to think and focus is such a chore).
London has proven quite interesting. For those who know, will understand when I say, the bus system here sucks. It is an absolute nightmare. *Grits teeth*...
Ah well, I am already tucked into bed for the eve. I will write more lovely things when I am not half asleep :)

Tuesday, March 8

Packing Commences!

One bag, 20kg. It's like a game. What do I win? This post is dedicated to my friend Mike who thinks I talk about shoes too much :). A girl has got to start packing somewhere right? This, unfortunately, does not include my boots either. I feel like 10 shoes for 4 weeks seems a bit much... for a guy ;).
I'm using my sister's room to organize all the goods! (Don't worry Carolyne, the shoes are clean :P)

Wednesday, March 2


I found a place to live! Great success :). It's only half an hour from my work place and just Northwest of Central London. I feel so much more relieved now that I've got one less major thing to worry about. I can't believe I'm already moving next weekend. Time seems to have snuck past me. Next week I must somehow fit 1 month's worth of clothes, shoes, jackets and accessories all into 1 suitcase weighing 20kg. They obviously weren't thinking about women when they changed the permitted bag number and weight limit. This will be a challenge.