Tuesday, September 23

LDNY Runway (New York)

The much-anticipated moment hit the runway last night at the UN building in New York. While we still have to wait a month to watch our designs headed down the catwalk in London, pictures have proven a very exciting result nonetheless!

To read more about the LDNY Festival, check out their webpage here.

To follow more on my upcoming designs as brand name Anna Bianca with London College of Fashion, check out:
Twitter page here.
Instagram page here.

One-piece playsuit from Smoke and Mirrors Collection 2014

Tuesday, September 16

MA Kingston Fashion Show

Tonight I had the privilege of attending Kingston's MA fashion show for London Fashion Week. With a beautiful variety of looks from participating designers including my personal favourites, Polina Charalambous and Niro Wang (click here to view his website).

 Before the show

 Charlotte Ham

Syed Nisar

Read more about these collections at: Kingston Upon Thames

Wednesday, August 20

Back to the Midwest

It's been 7 months since I could return to the homely comforts of the Midwest. With the warm sun shining through July and August, I can appreciate being around family, friends and, of course, my horses.

Nights out in Chicago with the little sister

Lazy hammock afternoons 

Beautiful sunsets

Re-falling back in love with my Aunt's adorable pooch

Sunday, June 22

Midsommar in Hyde Park

It's that wonderful time of year again where the Swedes put on their summer dresses, make crowns out of leaves and flowers, and drink for 12 hours straight. Yes it's a great time to be of Scandinavian heritage! As we were stuck in London for this great holiday, my fellow London-based Swedes and I turned to an event organised by London Svenskar (London Swedes) along with 3 000+ others for a day out in Hyde Park with music, traditional Swedish food and, of course, drinks.

Wednesday, June 18

LDNY Preparations

As we meet the artisans for the new upcoming event (refer to previous post), the 10 winners learn more about what each country specialises in, what companies we will be collaborating with, including YKK for all hardware finishings on each garment and Swarovski for beading details, and how to go about creating a marketable product. While these garments are designed for a luxury-level brand, they must still be within reasonable costing as the board of buyers from Selfridges will be looking into the most promising designs for sales in their London department store!

Beautiful embroidery work from India

Learning about print techniques

Interacting with our chosen artisans

Monday, June 16

LDNY Festival Success

As a reward for a term hard-worked, I have earned myself a spot out of 10 people for this year's LDNY Festival (click on the link to learn more about the upcoming event). As the pioneers of this newly introduced annual event, I will be displaying one of my pieces on the international runway show between London and New York along with 9 other winners from my course at the London College of Fashion.

In order to prepare for this exciting upcoming event, we will spend the month of June working with artisans from the Middle East including Ethiopia, Papa New Guinea and India. These artisans will help bring to life the details of our designs for the runway this September.

Friday, February 14

Something Healthy and Sweet

It's a rainy London afternoon and I thought it could use a little brightening. I have a collection of recipes I've assembled over the years and decided to do a little baking. These are probably the easiest and healthiest cookies I've ever baked and it takes about half an hour.


2 large old bananas
1 cup oats

Chocolate chips/coconut/nuts optional

Bake at 170°C for 15 minutes

I may have gone overkill on the chocolate chips but a girl can only be so healthy. Definitely worth trying if you're bored on a day off and don't feel like getting TOO fat!

Recipe found at: Everything Healthy

Tuesday, February 11

PURE London

This weekend was the big PURE London Fashion Exhibition in West London. With big brands like Poppy Lux, Neon Rose, Forever Unique and more showing off their quality stock for the buyers of the UK. I was privileged enough to attend this exhibition as a sales model for a new upcoming brand Dirty Martini, and preexisting label Dead Lovers. You can check out some of their crazy print styles on ASOS and in Topshop.
Despite all the fun and wonder of the fashion surrounding us all, there was not enough distraction to make my feet forget the 18 hours I spent in 6" heels. I'm still recovering feeling in 4 toes and the balls of my feet and I have my delightful flatmate carrying me around from room to room. Ha ha. It was, overall, a wonderful experience regardless!

One half of the Olympia exhibition hall

Forever Unique

Dead Lovers


Dead Lovers stand

Dirty Martini Stand

 The feet-slayers

Summing up our weekend (and my final moments in those shoes)

Wednesday, January 29

Complete Comfort

Loving my new cashmere poncho purchase from Anna Kristine, and happy to be one of the faces to represent these fabulous products! Check out their website for more colours here!

Monday, January 27

Anticipating SS14

Already getting excited for the warm weather. With no snow in London, my fur vests hang quietly in my closet next to my summer dresses. This in-between weather is no good for any of us. To keep me busy, I've been eye-balling the limitless online offerings of SS14 upcoming trends.

White is always right

Crop tops are back ladies let's trim those midsections!

For those more daring, metallics are on the rise (a big staple in SS15 upcoming trends as well)

And of course any girl's favourite, pastels.